Welcome to Year 6

Wednesday 22nd of September

Genesis Nursery came to our Teddy Bear's Picnic, which was arranged by   Year 6 children. We had a lovely sunny afternoon where all the children enjoyed stories, painting, craft activities and football outside on the All Weather pitch and the playground.  We would like to thank the The Co-operative, Milnrow for their kind donations of drinks, biscuits, cakes and crisps.

Thursday 23rd September

Year 6 were chosen to take part in the Crucial Crew Scheme which was held at the GMPTE Interchange, Haymarket, Bury.  The children enjoyed several workshops which were set up to help them develop their own personal safety and social responsibilities.  The children were all extremely well behaved and

looked exceptionally smart in their schoool uniforms.

Tuesday 28th September

We took part in a Ten Pin Bowling Tournament at Sandbrook Park, arranged for schools within Milnrow and Newhey. The tournament was arranged as a way of introducing the children to each other prior to starting high school. We had a fantastic day and well done to Newhey County Primary School for winning the competition.



Watercolour painting


On Monday 15th November, Mr Whyman, local artist, kindly came into school to show the children the techniques of watercolour painting.

Children in Need

Left to right: Jade Colderley, Megan O'Brien, Adam Corrigan, Alex Wedgwood, Hannah Williams, Amy Aspinall, Matthew Raines and Andrew Carter

For Children in Need a group of Year 6 children went bag packing at the Co-operatvice store in Milnrow.  We had a great time, altogether, with bag packing and various fundraising activities in school, we raised £276.85.

Year 6 Activity Day 29th March