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The Governing Body

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The Governing Body consists of members appointed or elected by various bodies and groups. The Governing Body is made up of two members appointed by the LEA, two by the parents of children at school, one teacher governor, one non-teaching staff governor, one representing the Diocese, seven from the Parish Church Council, the Vicar and the Headteacher.


The full Governing Body meets at least once per term and in addition there are sub-committees to deal with finance, staffing and curriculum and buildings. There is also an admissions and appeals committee.


The Governors work with the Headteacher, staff and parents to ensure that the children receive the best education possible within a happy, secure environment.


Governors are responsible for:-

  1. The general conduct of the school.
  2. Discipline – in consultation with the Headteacher.
  3. Overseeing the way the National Curriculum is taught in school.
  4. Making decisions about other aspects of the curriculum such as Sex Education.
  5. Deciding how the money allocated by the LA to run the school is spent.
  6. Interviewing and appointing members of the teaching staff.
  7. Making information available to parents